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First of all, we are very surprised and happy with the enthusiasm for the Online Eventing Competition!

Many of you have enthusiastically shared videos on your social media channels, thank you! Nice to be able to experience that competitive and friendly atmosphere of an eventing competition online. Unfortunately, there appears to be something misunderstood by interested people.

We are grateful for the enormous enthusiasm and the large number of submissions. There is even a lot of international interest (Canada, USA, Costa Rica, UK)! Therefore, we had to keep to the deadline, because there are still many videos sent in via Facebook, Instagram and email.

In summary, the valid videos for the competition must meet:

  • Submit (post online and email) for the deadlines given in the table on our website.
  • Video must be posted on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Video must be emailed to info@bavaria00eventingteam.nl (whether or not via wetransfer.com).

The first assessment (dressage) will be published on Monday, April 6, 2020. Is your name not listen? Then unfortunately we did not receive your video in time via both channels (Social Media and E-mail). Does it still make sense to record the jump and cross films? Yes, it can always be fun to creatively record your videos and post it online for your friends and family. Pay attention though! These videos are no longer valid to participate in the rankings of the Online Eventing Competition!

As with any other competition, league or championship, the regulations are always leading (see website). We recommend that you read the regulations carefully!

We are looking forward to the jumping movies next week!



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